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Water supply | Drainage

Valves are widely used in building water supply and drainage systems. Shut-off valves are often used on pipes with a diameter of 50mm or less; gate valves and butterfly valves are used when the diameter is greater than 50mm. When the flow and water pressure need to be adjusted, a regulating valve and a shut-off valve should be used.

Waterscape | Irrigation

Garden valves are often used in garden Waterscape, such as fountains in public buildings and city squares. On the one hand, the fountain itself is a artwork. On the other hand, garden valves are also used in irrigation to supplement the soil moisture in garden green spaces and meet the plant's required moisture.

Transportation | Storage

Natural gas, as a clean energy, is widely used nowsdays to promote green living. Natural gas storage and transportation are inseparable from valves of various structures and materials. After gas liquefaction, low temperature and high pressure valves are needed, high pressure valves required for canned liquid fuels, and natural gas valves used for natural gas pipeline transportation.

Indispensable parts

Due to the diversity of chemical products, the chemical production pipelines designed for different products are not the same. According to the needs of different temperatures, pressures and media, different types and materials of valves must be reasonably selected.

Fluid control unit

The valve is a very important control component in the air conditioning water system. It is used to change the passage section of the piping system and the direction of medium flow. It has the functions of interception, check, adjustment, and safety. They are essential for the stable, energy-efficient operation of the system

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